Stored Pressure Type

A large oil or gas fire is the worst nightmare of any firefighter. In case of such fires, only a specialist fire extinguisher works. An extinguisher that can effectively knock down the elements of fire triangle & impart a sense of safety to its operator.
Such a life-saving extinguishre is called DCP type extinguisher. which uses a sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical powder. A chemical composition specially made to quell class B & c fires.
So that even the worst of nightmares can not disturb your sleep.

Available Sizes:- 4kg and 9kg.
Other Brands Available :- Blot fire and Agni Shield

Model FB-4 FB-9
Capacity 4kg 9 kg

Anti-Corrosive Inhabitor


Epoxy Poleyster Powder Coating Epoxy Poleyster Powder Coating
Conformign IS Code 15683 15683
Type of Extingulshing Media Dry Powder IS 14308 Dry Powder IS 14308
Expellent Pressuized with N2 Gas Pressuized with N2 Gas
Minimum Effective Discharge (%) 85 85
Minimum Jet Length (mtrs) More than 2 mtr. More than 2 mtr.
Discharge Time (in Sec) More than 13 Sec More than 13 Sec
Hydraulic Test Pressure (in kgf/cm2) 35 35
Operating Position Upright Upright
Charged Pressure (in Kgf/cm2) 15 15
Operating Temperature Range (0C) -10 to (+)55 -10 to (+)55
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip with Discharge Hose & Nozzle Squeeze Grip with Discharge Hose & Nozzle
Fire Rating 21B 34B

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