Modular Automatic Fire Extinguishers

images A SYSTEM THAT ACTS BEFORE WE DO OPERATION : BLOT FIRE MODULAR type fire extinguisher is designed to be operative, automatically. The unit is a stored pressure type with a mixture of ABC dry powder and dry nitrogen. as soon as fire reaches the specified temperature under it, the glass bulb shatters allowing the content to be released as a mist to cover a wide area.

  • Blot Fire puts out the fire before you get an alert.
  • Blot Fire does not release masses masses of extinguishing agent, but a sufficiently designed quantity, directly at the source of fire and requires less quantity.
  • Fire detection does not need any external energy. This makes it cost effective as no electric installation / wiring is required. Always operative even during energy break down.
  • No malfunction possible and no false alarms.
  • Simple design which is inexpensive to install.
  • Readiness for use is simply indicated by a pressure gauge on the extinguisher.
  • The price performance relationship is cost effective.

Extinguishing Agents / contents ABC Dry Powder-MAP 90
Can Construction Mildsteel Mildsteel Mildsteel
Capacity (Kg.) 5 10 15
Automatic activation temperature (Centrigrade) 68oC 68oC 68oC
Max Volume Protected (cubic feet) 324 648 1072
Height(mm) 230 260 260
DIA(mm) 230 300 400
Gross weight (kg.) 8 15 22
Test Pressure(kg/cm2) 30 30 30
Super charge Pressure (kg/cm2) 15 15 15
Discharge time (sec) 8 10 12

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