D-Type Fire Extinguisher for Metal Fires

Metal fires pose special problems to fire fighting operations. Water and foam cannot be used as fire extinguishing agents because many metals react violently with water even at room temp.

Ordinary dry chemical powders are not suitable for fighting metal fires. TERNARY  CHLORIDE is developed, registered & patented by ISRO, Dept. of space-Govt of India suitable for all class D fire risks including light metals like Li, Na, K, Mg, etc. and their alloys

Technical Specifications
Capacity 4 kg 6 kg
HydraulicTest Pressure 35 kgf/cm2 35 kgf/cm2
Service Pressure 15 kgf/cm2 15 kgf/cm2
Type of Extinguisher Media Chloride based Dry Powder Chloride based Dry Powder
Operating Position Upright Upright
Discharge Time More than 18 Second More than 18 Second
Minimum Effective Discharge 85% 85%
Minimum Jet Lenght More Than 0.5m More Than 0.5m
Class D Class of Fires Only D Class of Fires Only
Expellant Pressurized with N2 gas Pressurized with N2 gas
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip Type Squeeze Grip Type
Nozzle Low Pressure Nozzle Low Pressure Nozzle

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