Wet Chemical K-Type Fire Extinguishers

Be it a Restaurant chain, a Hotel, or cafeteria , commercial kitchens in these places contain elements that can cause a sudden fire. Thats why understanding commercial kitchen fire protection and fire prevention and safety is crucial to preventing death in the event of a fire.

K-type fires are caused when edible cooking oil or fat is heated to a certain temperature where flammable gases start to form.

This is precisely where a specialist K-type fire extinguisher is important. They are extremely effective in putting out fires in restaurant ventilation equipment - hoods and ductwork, as well as in a variety of cooking appliance fires such as deep fat fryers, griddles, range tops, and several types of boilers thanks to their stainless steel body. Dousing K-type fires is easy and safe thanks to their excellent flame knockdown, surface cooling, and fire-securing capabilities

MODEL AS WC - 2 AS WC - 4 AS WC - 6
Capacity (in Ltr.) 2 4 6
Filling Ratio 0.667 0.667 0.667
Type of Extinguishing Media Wet Chemical Wet Chemical Wet Chemical
Expellant Nitrogen Nitrogen Nitrogen
Min. Effec. Discharge (%) 95 95 95
Min. Throw (in mtr.) 1 2 2
Min. Discharge Time (in sec) More than 8 More than 8 More than 8
Operating Temp. Range (in Celsius) (+)5 to (+)60 (+)5 to (+)60 (+)5 to (+)60
Operating Valve Squeeze Grip Squeeze Grip Squeeze Grip
Hydraulic Test 35 35 35

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • For Kitchen Fires
  • Rust Proof

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